Welcome to Clean Death.

I began to write this a couple of years back after the people who make the shampoo Head and Shoulders said that if you used their product your dandruff would go. If you stopped using this, it would come back. And I thought…

What if you could be addicted to a shampoo?

What if there were some way for a manufacturer to ensure that it was impossible to stop using it?

And what if someone found out and tried to stop it happening?

This novel is the result of those questions and many more.

I’m not the only one to wonder about DNA and the novel – you might like to check out


Is it funny? No.

Is it fantasy? Definitely.

Is it horror? I leave you to judge.

Is it possible? What do you think?


8 thoughts on “About

    • That is really kind! Glad you like the idea and thank you for the comment. Still pressing on with editing chapter three but will post it soon.

  1. I like this idea and I look forward to reading it soon. I think I should finish the story I am writing first to ensure that I don’t accidentally steal from yours.

  2. Hey Pat: I love the way your mind works! I just read two items so far and they both absolutely hit the spot! I’m sure shampoo is, in fact has always been, the key to world domination. Reservoirs that discreetly start to foam, pipes that bubble, restaurants where waiters slip quietly behind you and start to massage your scalp…..

    • Oh yes, I can feel the anticipation as those icy fingers prepare to touch the back of my neck… Thank you for coming over and commenting. Hope you like what you find.
      Kettle is always on and feel free to hit the biscuit tin… 🙂

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